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Post Info TOPIC: Human Defence Network!
Lance Corporal David C. Hahn

Human Defence Network!

  Current situation Earth.  The entire population of the earth is composed of strong brain humans (99% of the population) and weak brain humans (less that 1% of entire male population).  Appearently 99% of the human population are higher creaters in desguise.  These higher creaters are currently forcing the weak brain human population to marry and reproduce.  The strong brain humans (male and female) are shocking males using thier brains.  The question is how is a weak brain human allowed to protect hisself from a person using thier brain as a weapon.  Hopefully, lawenforcement comes up with a good way to due this.  The stuff hit the fan a couple years ago when I passed out some flyers about the "melanocyte stimulating hormone".  The flyer read "since the hormone actually works let's just call it a controlled substance.  Shortly after I had arrived home (October 3RD 2002) my family was conversing in the living room.  One of my family stated "thier quick" the other family member stated "yeah, we need to work on our reaction times".  By this time I had realized that I was basically surrounded by a kind of human(s) that communicate at a telepic level.  After being electricuted by people using thier brains, I filed a report at the Jacksonville , North carolina police departiment (evidence).  I also conducted my own investigation and found an interwesting book titled "inside the brain"(evidence).  The book speaks of an individual that was being harassed at a telepic level in the 1970's.  When I requested that Naval Criminal Investigation Division conduct an investigation , they had me committed.  I managed to put together a small group of friends that explained to me that my brain was weak.  My friends demonstrated to me how they could compress thier brains inside thier head which caused thier eyes to sink slightly into thier head.  My brain can not compress even with the medication I was given.  Appearently, this is proof of 2 entirely different kind of human beings on planet earth.  I had a extremely difficult time reasoning with my higher creater friends.  They told me a was basically a monkey among silverbacks.  I have started the Human Defence Network to bring together other weak brain humans that may have been tortured at this level.  Try to keep in mind that the strong brain human is not the enemy.  This type of human provided me with the information that I need to find the source of the problem.  I had a meeting with several of these people.  They explained that I was the target of a high military operation within the United States.  This is actually very sad because I have been a dedicated member of the United States Navy and United States marine corps.  If you are interested in becoming a member or supporting Human Defence Network email me at  Keep in mind that I have requested that the F.B.I. look further into the situation.


                                                                          Lance Corporal hahn, David C.

                                                                         american Legion Member/

                                                                         Eagle Scout/

                                                                         Former USN/

                                                                         U.S. Maine                    

Lord Flasheart


I want to laugh. So bad.

Wayne Smith


Who puts a spam bin at the very top of a serious forum list? Terry is the worst thing that ever happened to the Pro-Nuclear Space Movement. He swiped the domain name while the rest of us were still deciding how to 'share' control of it and then he went on to give an ecotroll like Yales full power over the board. Yales then swapped all the threads around so they would get lost in search engines. He redirected every discussion to political treaties. He even drove off the most active supporters. Look at this dead board Terry has replaced the old successful one with! One which many of us spent months working on. You Terry belong with Yales.

A grassroots movement is nothing more than the sum of its members. I tried to build an institutional memory at the first NS board. A roundtable discussion board for brainstorming nuclear pulse rocketry. You tore it all down Terry. You are worse than Yales. He is only a domestic terrorist. You Terry are a traitor and I hope you burn in hell for selling us out.

I am withdrawing all support for and putting it into the Nuclear Space Organisation's new board. Keep on deleting these messages and pretending you can run a board. I'll just keep coming back to inform visitors you've tricked into visiting this dead end. Look at this place! At the old board we had scifi and science writers, rocket engineers and physicists dropping by.

You are by far the most selfish person I have ever come across on the net Terry. All you ever cared about was yourself. To think that I spent months working 22 hour shifts keeping that place alive and promoting it. You disgust me.


Wayne Smith
Founder of NuclearSpace.

Nuclear Space Organisation

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