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fla. resident

triton explosion

captians log, april 29 2005 we lose third triton in history saw it with my own eyes. 9am Im in my drive way looking north east when a brite light behind high altitude fog it looked a lot like a plane with a huge swoosh of light around the front hundres of time bigger. the rocket was back lighting the clouds! fog it was very thin layer.I watched it move to north ward direction for about 30 sec. when all of the sudden it went from pencil lead size to the size of a dime in what looked like a perfect firework its embers stayed ambient for about as long as it took for the small peices that were thrown to the top of the circled explosion to start to fall. After it dimed and the area dimed to dark again I watched two orange in glow peices continue to head N NE direction untilll they either went out or traveled out of site. It took about 20 sec for that to happen. Would any body else had a siting on the night at around 9pm I would feel better if someone in the atlanta area or charlet area saw it. I want to know if any pilots saw it happen I counted 16 18 planes pass the same area in the sky for the next 20 min. I hope they were sampling for nucler fall or traking the objects that i seen falling to the north?

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Er, resident, what's a "triton" and when were the first 2 lost? If you mean Titan (rocket), one of those was launched from Cape Canaveral yesterday and it was a total success. This was the oly luanch yesterday. The loss of a rocket this large, under the conditions you describe, would be just a wee bit difficult to conceal from the space-savvy media in Florida. You probably saw the first stage separation, which produces a very bright flare (see comments at This occurred at exactly 9PM, btw. There was no launch of any kind at 9AM.

Finally, why would someone need to check for radioactive fallout?


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Does anybody know any news about Triton?

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