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Post Info TOPIC: United States Space Navy Orion Space Fleet
Kevin J waldroup

United States Space Navy Orion Space Fleet

United States Space Navy Orion Space Fleet: O.S.P.F.L
Kevin J waldroup

Frigates FFG 8
Atomic Spacecraft: 2 "Large Space Fighter"
Length: 50.M 160FT
Core Diameter: 10.M 32.8FT
Crew: 10 Officers 18 Enlisted
Armament: 15 Missiles 2 Turret Railgun PT GM 4 8Turret DC
SpaceDrive: Orion Drive

Destroyers DDG 4
Atomic Spacecraft: 4 "Large Space Fighter"
Length: 73.M 240 FT
Core Diameter: 20.M 65.6
Crew: 10 Officers 60 Enlisted
Armament: 20 Missiles 4 Railgun Turret 8 close-in-weapons systems Turret
SpaceDrive: Orion Drive

Cruisers - CG
Atomic Spacecraft: 6 "Large Space Fighter"
Length: 100M 195 FT
Core Diameter: 40M 78 FT
Crew: 15 Officers 70 Enlisted
Armament: 30 Missiles 6 Railgun Turret 10 close-in-weapons systems Turret
SpaceDrive: Orion Drive

Spaceship Transport Dock- LPD 4
Length: 99.M
Core Diameter: 40.M
Troops: 400
Spacecraft: 8 S.L.C 100 soldiers 14IFV 8MBT
1 >S.L.C 100 soldiers 14IFV/20APC 8MBT/ 10AGS
SpaceDrive: Zubrin Drive nuclear salt water rocket

Large Space Fighter L.F.
Length: 20
Diameter: 5
Crew: 2
Armament: 8 Missiles 1 Turret railgun
SpaceDrive: Zubrin Drive
External Pulsed Plasma Propulsion.
Gerge C. Marshall Space Flight Ceter
Future Projects Offece
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Huntaville, Albama
Contract NAS 8-11053

kevin J waldroup


SpaceShipseven RLV SSTO
Total Length: 12.0 m.
Maximum Diameter: 6.00 m
SpaceDrive: NTR-SOLID DUMBO Drive

Lord Flasheart


I'd just like to say that, given that the government wouldn't like anything nuclear on civilian spacecraft, ("SpaceShipSeven") it'd be most likely that the ship would rely on chemical fuels until rendevous with the nuclear-engine at an orbital port.

Unless, of course, SpaceShipSeven is not civilian, but part of NASA or the Air Force. Given the name, I'd say it is corporate, and not government property.

Good luck with your celestial warfare!

Rolando Gutierrez


Hello Folks,
Please see for the "preview" Orion what if gallery that explores what would have happened if Orion would have gone on until today. There are models that will be built as well as experimetal video showing a narration of an Orion launching from Earth and on to Enculadus at Saturn. All artists may contribute and are welcomed to create new images and ideas. Click the Orion article on the main page.


Rolando Gutierrez



I liked the basic concept--should be pretty exciting. It's too bad that the hydrodynamics of the shockwaves rebounding off the pusher plate can't be modelled. I would imagine that in Earth's atmosphere, for small yield pulse units bursting fairly close to the pusher plate, that the fireballs may briefly take on the look of an inverted mushroom or a doughnut because of the reflected shock. A 'Mach Stem' may form pointing away from the pusher plate (and down toward the ground.) Obviously convection will eventually lift the fireballs up, but not before Orion flys away and get's whacked by another pusle unit.

The visuals of such a launch ought to be stunningly spectacular in real life. [In my humble opinion, just the artistic value of Orion alone ought to be justification enough to actually build it! But then I'm a Romantic about such things!]

I noticed that your 'habitat or crew compartment' was a sphere---a nice allusion to the USS Discovery in Arthur C. Clarke's and Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Good luck with your renderings!

Ty Moore



Thanks Ty,
The spheroid was actually just a hybrid idea. The model, video and future renderings will be like the Mark 2 pictured in Dyson's book. The Mark 2 on Mark Wade's website, under Planetary Orion, was more of a Mark 4, per Mr. Dyson.

Terry's first rendering is a pretty good one as well.

Ill be experimenting with small models on video then branch to a very large Mark 2 Orion for science museum display. Should be a great public interest project.


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